The Institute of Midrashic Studies of the New Testament

End of Second Quarter Update 2023

We are excited to share this update about the Institute for Midrashic Studies of the New Testament.

Our Academic Director, Dr. David Pitcher, was recently informed that the article he submitted to the Journal of Applied Christian Leadership was accepted and published! We received an electronic format PDF version of the journal, and are providing a snippet of it to show what it is. When we get our hard copy version of it, we’ll take a selfie with it!

In more Dr. Dave news, he is moving forward in his studies at Liberty University, acing his tests and essays. It is a tough schedule but he’s keeping up. We’re with you all the way Dave!

In our efforts to spread the word about the Institute and recruit new fellows, we have researched a database of over 450 Christian colleges, universities and seminaries. We reached out to them to introduce our institute and encourage them to tell their students about our fellowship. We hope that this new resource and procedure will result in more high quality fellows and relationships with academic institutions all over the world.

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