The Institute of Midrashic Studies of the New Testament

End of Fourth Quarter 2023 Update

The Institute is pleased to announce three more articles involving our fellows have been submitted to peer-reviewed theological journals during the past quarter October-December 2023. One of our outgoing fellows, Tov Rose, and both of our incoming fellows, Jill Hurley and Mihail Golic have submitted the following articles:

“An Exploration of 1 Peter as Midrashic Hermeneutical Commentary on 1 Enoch” by Tov Rose

“Rightly Defining φάρμακεία (Pharmakeia) in the 21st-Century” by Jill Hurley

“Suffering, Sacrifice, and Redemption: Pauline Midrash of Exodus in Galatians 3:1-17” by Mihail Golic

Our incoming fellows as of October 2023, Jill Hurley and Mihail Golic attend seminaries in California and New York respectively. Our fellows continue to represent an eclectic group of seminarians in this third year of the Institute. Since the Institute’s establishment, a total of ten articles have been submitted by the fellows and an additional six articles by the Academic Director of the Institute. Previous fellows have been from the UK, Guatemala City, Texas, and Kansas City. One of our former fellows is now serving in sub-Saharan Africa and relayed that the Institute prepared him for the metanarrative training of the intertextuality of the Hebrew Scriptures with the New Testament.

The Institute’s Academic Director, Dr. David Pitcher, is nearing the completion of his own seminary Master of Divinity degree in Biblical Languages at Liberty University to better serve the needs of the Institute. His own articles involving the midrashic interpretation of the New Testament have been well received in those seminary courses.

A poster presentation of the Institute’s mission of defining the Judaic Hellenistic midrashic hermeneutics used by the writers of the New Testament in the first century was made at the Root Source honor reception in October in the Dallas area.

Plans are being made to edit and publish all the articles of the Institute that have not been published in a journal, launching that journal at a symposium comprising podium presentations by invited guests. Fundraising to cover the $5000 stipends awarded to fellows for each article submitted has to date successfully covered those costs. Weekly video conference lectures continue instructing the fellows on the comparative paradigmatic analysis of the Septuagint and the New Testament. Executive Director Gidon Ariel and Academic Director David Pitcher M.D. continue to meet weekly via video conference to stay abreast of the direction of the Institute. David will be giving a thirteen-week course in Albuquerque beginning in January 2024 introducing the findings of the Institute.

We respectfully invite you to join the Institute of Midrashic Studies of the New Testament as a financial partner.

J. David Pitcher, Jr., MD
Academic Director,
Institute of Midrashic Studies of the New Testament

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