The Institute of Midrashic Studies of the New Testament

End of First Quarter Update 2024

As the January-March 2024 quarter comes to a close, Jill Hurley, our fellow from Berkeley School of Theology submitted “Rightly Defining φᾰρμᾰκείᾱ (Pharmakeia) in the 21st-Century” and Mihail Golic, our fellow from St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary submitted “Suffering, Sacrifice, and Redemption: Pauline Midrash of Exodus in Galatians 3:1–17” to peer-review theological journals. Our Academic Director submitted two abstracts, “A Tour de Force of the Exegetical Power Tool of Comparative Paradigmatic Analysis” and “A Proposed Exegetical Rule Regarding the Lemma קנה in the Hebrew Bible aided by Comparative Paradigmatic Analysis” for the 2024 CSNTM Text & Manuscript Conference in Texas. Although those two abstracts did not get accepted, they received enthusiastic reviews.

The Institute fellows have now reviewed the comparative paradigmatic analyses of Hebrews and Genesis, Galatians and Exodus and have begun Romans and Leviticus. Mihail Golic has begun his second article while he works on his final thesis for seminary. Dr. Pitcher is nearing the completion of his ninety hour Masters of Divinity in Biblical Languages at John W. Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University. Both Mihail and Dr. Pitcher have in their sites further degrees in the fall. Dr. Pitcher continues his weekly meetings with Gidon Ariel, CEO of Root Source and Gidon has met with the two fellows via video conferencing. Optimism remains high as we continue to map out the hermeneutics of first century Judaism delineating the techniques of midrash used by Paul in the New Testament.

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