The Institute of Midrashic Studies of the New Testament


End of First Quarter Update 2024

As the January-March 2024 quarter comes to a close, Jill Hurley, our fellow from Berkeley School of Theology submitted “Rightly Defining φᾰρμᾰκείᾱ (Pharmakeia) in the 21st-Century” and Mihail Golic, our fellow from St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary submitted “Suffering, Sacrifice, and Redemption: Pauline Midrash of Exodus in Galatians 3:1–17” to peer-review theological journals. Our Academic […]

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September 2022 Update

As we bid farewell to our fellow Brandon Elder, a seminarian from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth who has submitted three articles to theological journals, we continue to make advances toward peer review of the research occurring at The Institute. In addition to the three articles submitted by Brandon, Dr. Pitcher has submitted

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June 2022 Update

The Thaumasmos of The Institute of Midrashic Studies of the New Testament It has been recognized that there are over 200 literary devices that are used in Scripture. Literary devices are often used to relay a thought succinctly to the reader. Many times we are not aware that a literary device has been used. In

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