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Altered Quotes

Romans 3:9-18 is a Midrash of the Source Text Leviticus 8:14-34 with what has been considered as six quotations from the LXX. The first quotation has been considered an altered quotation.  Paul Romans 9:11-12 is considered to be a quotation of Psalm 14:1-3 and Psalm 53:1-3 but only “There is no one who understands. There

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Manuscript Proofing

Can Paul’s Midrash of Romans help to determine if the Textus Receptus is correct in placing the four verses in Romans 16:24-27 (in some ancient manuscripts 16:24 omitted altogether in P46 a A B C. 16:24 reads “The favor of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”)? Or should the verses be placed

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The very first thing that is noticeable in the section of the Midrash/Source Text Ephesians 1:10-14/Isaiah 5:30-7:25 is the uncommon word “administration” (oikonomia). It is only used twice in the LXX in Isaiah 22:19, 21 and only 3X in Ephesians in 1:10 and 3:2, 9. The use in 3:2 coincides with the uses in Isaiah.

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The Suppressed Pleonasm

Paul prefaces in Hebrews 10:37-39 the “Faith Chapter”, Hebrews 11 with quotations from two verses from the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures. All commentators and annotated Bibles note the quote from Habakkuk 2:3b-4 but only a small percentage note the quote from Isaiah 26:20. The linkage of the two verses from Habakkuk and Isaiah

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