The Institute of Midrashic Studies of the New Testament

The NT Midrash Institute is delighted to announce an important milestone!

The NT Midrash Institute is delighted to announce an important milestone!

We came up with the idea for the Institute in 2020, and through weekly Zoom meetings, we fleshed out the program, resulting in the website and all of its associated aspects.

We made a call for applications, reaching out to dozens of seminaries.

We recruited two excellent fellows, listed here:

This first cohort worked very hard, meeting with Dr. Pitcher via Zoom weekly, and each crafting an impressive academic article, ready for submission to a peer-reviewed journal.

The fellows submitted their papers and were awarded their first quarterly fellowship grant! We will post the articles on our website when that is permitted by the journals. Meanwhile, here is information about the articles, including their abstracts:

Sarah’s Missing Mountain in the Galatians Allegory by Brandon Elder

We also received a generous grant from an individual donor, who asked to remain anonymous.

Two more candidates applied for a fellowship! We are in the process of interviewing and accepting them, when they will be accepted, their information will be featured on our website. Now it’s your turn! If you have ANY questions or comment, please share them with us! If you are excited about the Institute, please partner with us, your donation is appreciated Please apply to be a fellow! And share the opportunity with others who you think would appreciate it.