The Institute for Midrashic Studies of the New Testament


I’d like to spend a little time sharing where I think The Oldest Midrash and The Institute of Midrashic Studies of the New Testament fits into history. We know that there was a Midrash of Iddo from 2 Chronicles 13:22 where Scripture records, “The rest of the acts of Abijah, his ways, and his sayings …

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The Suppressed Pleonasm

Paul prefaces in Hebrews 10:37-39 the “Faith Chapter”, Hebrews 11 with quotations from two verses from the Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures. All commentators and annotated Bibles note the quote from Habakkuk 2:3b-4 but only a small percentage note the quote from Isaiah 26:20. The linkage of the two verses from Habakkuk and Isaiah …

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