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New Forensic Evidence of Pauline Authorship of the Pastoral Epistles

Here is the abstract of David Pitcher’s article.


Beale, perhaps an expert in the authorial intent of New Testament writers, in his Inaugural Lecture noted that compared to modern exegetical methods the various
opinions regarding the exegetical approach of the New Testament writers including their interpretive approaches are strange or even wrong or illegitimate. He began his article with the premise that the New Testament writers “were writing under divine inspiration and that God would certainly have a more exhaustive understanding of their intention.” He introduced the term “cognitive peripheral vision” to explain what “is going on” when New Testament authors make direct statements with an explicit meaning but many are at the “edges” with “blurring at these edges.”

This article will attempt to place in focus with an appropriate lens these “edges” and in doing so provide new forensic evidence that the Apostle Paul did indeed write the letters to Timothy and Titus. It will not try to aim to determine every implicit meaning in those letters but merely provide a prescription to and in doing so place in focus the authorship of the letters. Although others have asserted New Testament writers “echo” an Old Testament passage unawares4 and that “they did not know the full meaning of what they wrote” but only “part of the meaning” this article will illuminate the optics at least the Apostle Paul used in his epistles, the discovery of which begins with a paradigmatic analysis.

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