The Institute of Midrashic Studies of the New Testament

An Early Attestation of the Hypostatic Union in Luke using Antanaclasis, Analogy, Form and Transitive Logic

Here is the abstract of David Pitcher’s article.


Luke, a non-Jewish physician co-worker of Paul (Colossians 4:11, 14; 2 Timothy 4:11; Philemon 24) was influenced in the way he wrote about Jesus Christ by his medical training and his Greek cultural1 upbringing and education.2 His knowledge of Jewish customs reveals an acceptance of individual differences and identities that would be envious even in today’s culture. His biographical sketch of Jesus within his gospel shaped his own characterization of Jesus that climaxes at the trial before the council of the chief priests and scribes, the Sanhedrin. 3 The depiction of Jesus in Luke was carefully crafted within the history of the Jewish people, the Jewish Scripture and rabbinic teaching, 4 world history5 and the healing arts within the first century6 to persuade those at the same juncture of their lives, figuratively on trial for their beliefs

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